About the Conference


Providing secure, reliable, and dependable wireless services is the primary objective of modern data networks. While enabling technology for “on-demand” services through any of the common wireless architectures, such as WiMax, WiFi, ad hoc networks, sensor networks, and vehicular networks, has made large strides, many formidable challenges remain to be overcome, such as the integration of infrastructure-based and ad hoc networks, robust algorithms for self-organizing, reconfigurable wireless networks, on-demand service models and their performance in highly-volatile interconnect topologies as well as the smooth interoperability of different architectures.

WONS, now in its tenth edition, has established itself as a high-quality forum to address these challenges in the context of a conference that is rich in intense interactions and based on innovative contributions by experts in the field.

This announcement solicits original submissions of high-quality research papers on “wireless on-demand networks” that provide new insights on protocol and network design, modeling, performance evaluation, profitability models, energy efficiency, QoS models and mechanisms, practical implementations, service level aspects, and Internet integration of wireless networks.

Papers related to all types of wireless on-demand networks are solicited. Topics include, but not limited to:

  • Architecture and design
  • Evaluation through simulations and experiments
  • Modeling
  • Integration and co-existence
  • Social and economic aspects
  • Pervasive and ubiquitous computing
  • Localization and mobility management
  • Security, privacy, and trust
  • Novel applications and services
  • Energy-efficient protocols and power management
  • Implementations and testbeds
  • Opportunistic, delay-tolerant, and dissemination-based protocols
  • Mobile peer-to-peer systems
  • Middleware aspects
  • Self-X and network management


Keynote Speakers

We are pleased to have Rice University’s Edward Knightly and the University of Rome’s Giuseppe Bianchi as our Keynote speakers this year!


‘                                                                        ’Dr. Giuseppe Bianchi                              Dr. Edward Knightly

Best Paper Award

The IEEE/IFIP WONS 2013′s Best Paper Award will recognize the authors of superior quality papers submitted to the 2013 conference. The Best Paper Award authors will be recognized at the conference.